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addVENTURES Communication is a 360° Marketing Communication Agency for Entrepreneurs in Alberton, Gauteng. 

From Vision to Execution, we help you build your company one step at a time!

Essentially, we help you to create the most compelling story that will move your target market to action and ensure that your story is shared as far and wide required for you to achieve business results.

Our Founder

With over 30 years of experience in the field of strategic marketing planning, marketing communication, and business in general Christél Rosslee-Venter  has got a wealth of knowledge that works on ground level across various industries.

Her number one strength is to help you through a process of marketing coaching & consultation to find answers to the questions you did not even think off when you started your journey to expand your business.

From there experience kicks in to bring you the most cost effective solution to achieve the results that you require as quickly as possible.

Christél Rosslee-Venter

Christél Rosslee-Venter

Business Coach, Marketing Consultant, Author & Speaker

AddVentures' Roadmap to
Building your Business Adventures

Our ‘Roadmap to Building your Business Adventures’ is a culmination of extensive theoretical knowledge &

30+ years of practical experience in the world of entrepreneurship.

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