Why Do Entrepreneurs Need a Business Coach

5 reasons why business coaching can help Entrepreneurs grow

The world around us changes at an astronomical rate. Fifty years ago most business people were men with wives ensuring home-cooked meals, freshly pressed clothes, and active kids hanging from trees. Thirty years ago there was only one website. Today, there are approximately 1,8 billion websites active right now.

Most entrepreneurs have an insane amount of data running through their minds. On some days it is an adventure and exhilarating, but one small event can throw your life and your business into total chaos.

Below are five simplified reasons why business coaching can help entrepreneurs grow:

1. Impartail, Confidential Sounding board

One of the biggest advantages for an entrepreneur to have a business coach is that of a sounding board.

Our families and friends are often too busy to listen or it could be that they do not share the same passion. They often tend to jump in with advice, which is the number one creator of limiting beliefs and halting the free-flowing of ideas.

You have to look confidant in front of your business partner or investor. The idea of sharing your fears and limiting beliefs with them can have catastrophic results.

AddVenture Business Coaching is aligned with SA Business Coaches and COMENSA and has to adhere to strict confidentiality ethics. This means that whatever you have on your mind, will remain confidential.

2. Pause

Entrepreneurs have hectic lives. Trying to fit everything into your day in a constant rush. Business coaching works, because for an hour in your day, you can hit the pause button. Just having a neutral space that is calm and where silence can be constructive could add immense value to your thinking process.

By taking time out to look at a challenge from an outside perspective can help you see priorities much clearer. Business coaching often helps entrepreneurs spotting the low-hanging fruits that might seem glaringly obvious, but were hidden away before that magical AHA moment.

3. Clearing your head

The average brain makes around 35 000 decisions per day. 95% Of these decisions might be done by your subconscious and unconscious brain, but it all adds up to the underlying stresses and strains of everyday life.

By the end of your business coaching session, you will have sorted through everything that is on your mind.

Getting all your ducks back in a row, with clear outcomes of what to do next.

4. venting

Sometimes entrepreneurs need to just vent to get all their frustrations, fears, and anxieties out of their systems. Getting that plug pulled will help to get your mind back ‘in flow’ for those creative, productive tasks that lay ahead.

Having a non-judgmental, non-directive business coach that you can trust to keep all your information confidential, can have a massive effect on your emotional state of mind. This new state could result in the change you need to operate at your peak performance.

5. The jester effect

In Shakespearian literature, the court jester is the only one who could speak truth to power. They shone a light into corners that were typically very dark in an absolute monarchy. They were able to do so not only because of the permission conferred by the role, but because they made their comments with humor and at the right time and place.

In non-directive business coaching, the entrepreneur gets challenged with powerful questions at the right time that will if done right, bring you to an AHA moment that could unlock potential that is more magical than all Shakespeare’s work combined.

Test drive coaching today

At AddVenture Business Coaching, we want you to achieve those magical AHA moments.

Get in contact with us for a no-obligation test drive to see if business coaching can work for you.

directive vs. indirective coaching

why non directive coaching?

Non-directive business coaching pulls out the capacity that people have within them while mentoring, training, advising, and consulting download information onto the client.

The essence of coaching is drawing out from within, people’s own ideas, hopes, dreams, and plans.

Why does coaching work?

  1. People are much more likely to implement things they’ve thought up for themselves.
  2. Most people, even already successful ones, have very considerable untapped potential waiting to be brought out.
  3. Intelligent people often resent being told what to do and don’t do.

Directive vs non-directive

In reality, each style borrows from the other. Certain situations call for a more directive approach, although it is important that you remain in the driving seat of your own business adventure.

Business coaching packages

Moving You Forward One Step At a Time

Taking the leap to start with business coaching can be very daunting.  The business coaching packages below have been designed to give you a simple understanding of what is available in a nutshell.

Each business coaching package can be adapted to suit your unique needs, but at least we have something to start you off with.  Sooner rather than later.

Remember:  we are SO confident that you will receive value from your coaching, that we offer a money-back guarantee!!

Once Off Coaching

Ad Hoc 2 Hour Discovery Session

  • Pains, needs & potential gains
  • Marketing Audit Overview
  • Marketing Plan Overview
  • Feedback Notes

Gold coaching package

Personal Coaching Package

  • One personal session/month.
  • Zoom or In-Person
  • Marketing Audit
  • Your Story Plan
  • Sound Board
  • Content Generation Option


Preferential Coaching Package

  • 2 – 4 Personal Coaching
  • Sessions/Month
  • Marketing Audit
  • Marketing Plan
  • Zoom or In-Person Sessions
  • WhatsApp & Telephone Access
  • Content Generation Option

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