The Roadmap to Building your
Business Adventures

The Roadmap to Building your
Business Adventures

Some of Our Solutions to You

360° Marketing Strategy

Helping you to plan a roadmap for your business adventures.


Making sure your marketing material draws attention, creates interest and a desire to want to know more and finally getting the action that you need.


Your digital marketing efforts have to start with a solid website. From planning & copywriting to execution and continuous content marketing going forward.

Content Marketing

Creating & sharing of ongoing content that stimulate interest in your products or services.


The art of creating written content that persuades or convinces a reader to take a specific action.

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    addVENTURES Business Club

    addVentures Business Club is a community-based communication & support platform for our entrepreneurs who want to build business adventures for good.

    Expedition Business Podcast

    Expedition Business is a Podcast where we share the highs & lows of our inspiring South African Entrepreneurs.

    Roadmap to Rediscover Your Business Adventure Podcasts

    Your business journey to a new life starts here. Since 2004, we’ve helped seasoned entrepreneurs rediscover their business adventures.

    Expedition Business Podcast

    Your Opportunity To Share Your Entrepreneur Success Story

    All episodes available on our website

    Click on your platform’s icon below to listen to the Expedition Business episodes on your favorite entrepreneur podcast platform.



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    Why choose addVENTURES Communications

    We have been helping entrepreneurs to build their brands since the days of DOS!

    Start your journey with a 360° Marketing Strategy that is guaranteed to add serious venture to your business. 

    From Vision to Execution, we help you build your brand one step at a time!

    Engagement Options

    Once Off

    Solid support & activation on an Ad Hoc basis

    360° retainer

    Ongoing one-on-one consultation, content & activation

    addVENTURE Club

    Ideal for Micro Entrepreneurs in need of solid support & networking

    Our Testimonials

    What they are talking about

    Rentia Human Strengths Coach

    Christél helps you to stay focused on what is needed to grow your business.

    Her passion for helping your business grow, is a massive inspiration.

    I have found the addVENTURES Masterclasses immensely valuable, as it has helped me navigate through a lot of the basic necessities every business needs.

    Zandile Makeup Artist

    I personally believe entrepreneurs need networking platforms in order to navigate pitfalls, challenges and joys that come with managing a business.
    Platforms like addVENTURES are not only essential but they are an important support system in a building solid and sustainable businesses.

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