Protest with passion & authenticity

You should be angry today. You should be fuming with disgust.

Hands trembling, heart pounding, and teeth clenched. But why protest?

As a result of a government that doesn’t deliver or an insane political party that wants to bring the country to its knees today?

As a result of the brazen assassination of curator Cloete Murray and his son Thomas and with that any chance of an end to corruption.

Compassion, accountability, and authenticity seem like something in the distant past.

We say: Go ahead. It’s time to protest!

Instead of burning down valuable assets or pointless actions that hurt everyone, we believe it is time to change the protest tactics.

Protest with passion for your craft, in a world that has forgotten our craftsman.

Protest with compassion for yourself and others, in a world lacking warmth for thy neighbor.

Protest with the authenticity of your thoughts and actions, in our superficial environment.

Protest with excellence in a mediocre world.

Just a mad idea.

On a mad Monday.


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