Are you going on holiday, with no planned destination?

The basics of Finding you Why

Imagine you are climbing into your car. The family’s already waiting for you. Bags are packed. Snacks are ready for munching away. And yes, you have a whole flask of freshly brewed coffee waiting for your first sip. The only question is …. where are you going? You never planned your holiday destination!

Who in their right mind would do that?

John C Maxwell, famously said: “find your why, and you find your way.” It sounds so very simple.
Who would ever jump in a car without knowing their holiday destination? OK, agreed, there are a few crazy people that like that sort of thing. My friend Koos, bless his soul, was one of those people who thought it adds to the excitement if you start at one destination and see where the road is taking you.
The reality is that most of us have limited resources at our disposal.

I for instance only have two weeks a year for a vacation with the family, and definitely don’t have an open-ended budget. I want to plan ahead to make the best of my time and get that budget to stretch as far as humanly possible!!! If it takes me a week to get from Joburg to Cape Town, and then discover all the fun is in Cape Town, let alone my darling daughter whom I hardly see these days, does it not make sense to plan the best and fastest route to Cape Town?

It is almost absurd (for most normal human beings) not to plan their holiday destination and the route that you are going to take to get there!

So why do we not do proper planning when it comes to where we are going to in life?

That brings us back to John Maxwell’s quote. “If you know your Why, you know your way.”

Why are you doing what you are doing? We often hear all the clever people exclaiming that you should not work for money. You should work for meaning. To make a difference.
That’s pretty easy to say when you have already made a ton of money. When your bills are all paid and under control. It’s a whole different ball game when you are struggling to make ends meet.

Here’s my two cents on the matter from someone who has seen both sides of the coin.
What I like to do is “Take a break”. Yes, sometimes with the Kit-Kat as well! 😊 Going for a run, or a walk, or just go to gym is one of the best ways to get away from the desk and the emails and everything else that is driving me crazy!

Or you could take your journal to a coffee shop where you can sit in a corner, in peace, hopefully next to a crackling fire. This is the time to have a conversation with yourself. Take stock of where you are.
This is the time to write down where you want to be.

Those elements in your life that are a must and not a should. Not the 6 out of 10’s or even the 9 out of 10’s. The 10 out of 10’s! And yes, having a true and honest conversation with a business coach to help you work through your ‘why you are doing what you are doing’ is first prize, but until you decide to take that step, a run or coffee with your journal should work.

When it comes to doing work that is meaningful, fulfilling, and purposeful, you need one thing above anything else: You need to find your “why.” Ever heard of Simon Sinek? He’s the guy who made the term ‘finding your why’ popular through that famous Ted Talk with the three circles and the book, or shall I say books, that followed. In a nutshell, your why is your purpose or the reason behind what you do.

Being able to define your “why” or your purpose in life, is important for two main reasons: it grounds you and it inspires you!!

Your “why” serves as the foundation for all that you do. And it serves as a guiding light that connects you to your vision and where you want to go. You know what you’re aiming for, so you can keep your mind on your mission, even in times of uncertainty. You find it easier to stay motivated, keep going, and do the work.

And yes, as I am saying this to you, I am reminded that it is not as easy as it seems. The cynics love to say that there are only two certain things in life …. death & taxes! True, but there are ways and means of extending our precious time on earth.

My why is to make a difference in the lives of one more entrepreneur at a time. Almost like in the Starfish story. Can I help everyone?  Most probably not. But I can make a difference in the next entrepreneur’s life.

If you are curious to find out how I am planning to help you … free, gratis & mahala … I do suggest listening to our brand new podcast on finding your why. I’ll also share the outline of my plan to run the Otter later this year, publish my first book & re-enter the world of the Professional Speakers Association in South Africa.

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