5 Steps to Find Your WHY as a 50Plus Entrepreneur

So you have already decided to reinvent yourself as a 50Plus Entrepreneur. After all, time is ticking and you do not want many more oh-shit mornings happening to you! But as a person with lots of experience under the belt, you know by now that if you do not plan it, it will never happen. So let’s start planning to reinvent yourself as a 50Plus Entrepreneur. The first step in this process is finding out why you want to do what you want to do going forward.

Finding My Why

Why are you doing what you are doing? Are you in it for the money or are you truly trying to make a difference? We are very eager to proclaim that we are dedicated to making a difference. To leave a legacy. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to compare ourselves with our friends, family, and the rest of the sundries. When they jet off to a weekend overseas, while you are budgeting your petrol money, things can get a bit woozy.

The reality is that if you want to do work that is meaningful, fulfilling, and purposeful, you have to figure out what is YOUR WHY. And let’s face it, you do have a deadline that you are working against. So you might want to step on it!

Enter Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk

The concept of “finding your why” became popular with Simon Sinek’s book and Ted Talk, “Start With Why.” In a nutshell, your why is your purpose or the reason behind what you do. Being able to articulate your “why” or your purpose is important for two reasons:

It grounds you: Your “why” serves as the foundation for all that you do.
It inspires you: Your “why” serves as a guiding light that connects you to your vision and where you want to go.

Below are 5 Steps to follow in Finding your ‘Why’ as a 50Plus existing or future:

1. Time for Reflection

Take time for reflection and ask yourself some deep questions.

  • Why did you start this business in the first place?
  • What drives you to work on it every day?
  • What impact do you want to have on your customers, community, or even the world?
  • If you have not started your business yet, why not? What is stopping you?

2. Check-In With Your Values:

Consider your personal and professional values. What principles are non-negotiable for you in the operation of your current business or workplace?

3. Define Your Passion:

• What are you truly passionate about? What aspects of your life & business excite you the most?
• How can you align your business activities with your personal passions?

4. Identify the Problem You’re Solving:

• Write down the problems or challenges that your business aims to solve or wants to solve.
• Understand the needs and aspirations of your target audience.
• How does your business make their lives better, easier, or more meaningful?

• Think about the broader impact your business can have on the world around you.
• How do you want to be part of this new positivity in the world?

5. Craft a Purpose Statement:

• Write down your business’s purpose in a concise and inspirational statement.
• Ensure that your purpose statement communicates the essence of your “Why” to everyone involved in the process. Yourself, your current (or prospective) clients, and those around you.

The beauty of being in the phase of reinventing yourself as a 50Plus Entrepreneur is that you sort of have a deadline. If you want to make a difference for yourself and the world around you, you better get cracking. And yes, you have got so much more experience than the poor soles that are just starting out in life. Your kids have probably left the nest and you have an abundance of time on your hands. But let’s keep all the benefits of reinventing yourself as a 50Plus Entrepreneur for another day!

A Business Coaching Option to Reinvent Yourself

Remember that we do have a business coaching division where we could work through all the questions, plans, hopes, and dreams of reinventing yourself as a 50Plus Entrepreneur. Call us today! We would LOVE to be part of your journey!

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