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Rediscover the Purpose of Your Entrepreneurial Business Adventures

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey in South Africa can be compared to traversing the formidable Drakensberg: it requires resilience, a clearly defined path, and, most vitally, a compelling reason to take each step with enthusiasm and entrepreneurial purpose. That equates to having a clearly defined business purpose or “Why” you are doing what you are doing. Unearthing your “Why” is not merely about finding a reason to be in business; it’s about discovering a larger purpose that fuels your passion and keeps you steadfast during turbulent times.

As an entrepreneur, you’ve encountered peaks and valleys that have both daunted and invigorated you, much like the Drakensberg Grand Traverse hike. In this essential inaugural segment of the “Roadmap to Discover your Business Adventures,” we’ll guide you to your personal “Summit to Climb” the heart of your entrepreneurial spirit.

Warning: Whatever you do, do not fly away.

In my 30+ years in the marketing and entrepreneurial world, I have attended a gazillion motivational talks and seminars. I know how easy it is to get swept up by the hype of the moment on how to find your entrepreneurial purpose. And yes, I have experienced firsthand how people almost lost their marbles because they got ‘inspired’ by the speaker. I do believe it is important to keep your feet solidly on the ground at all times. No matter how enticing the new opportunity looks. Take a deep breath. You cannot tackle Mont-Aux-Sources if you have not mastered the local koppie behind your house yet.

Step 1: Self-Inquiry to Entrepreneurial Purpose

Begin by asking yourself the foundational questions: “Why am I in business?” and “What legacy do I wish to leave behind?” Reflect deeply on your motivations and ideals. Record your thoughts, no matter how grand or humble—remember, the Drakensberg wasn’t formed in a day.

The ‘Why am I in business?’ is not unlike questioning why one pursues the exhausting yet exhilarating path up a mountain. Is it for the view, the challenge, or perhaps the solitude? Your business ‘Why’ might stem from a desire to innovate, to lead, to make a difference, or to provide for your loved ones. This ‘Why’ forms the bedrock beneath your feet as you climb.

That one thing that will jump your entire system into FLOW.

Step 2: Resist the Comparison Trap

Just as every hiker experiences the Drakensberg in their own unique way, your entrepreneurial journey is personal. Steer clear of comparing your voyage to that of your peers. Let the success stories inspire you, but chart your own course based on your values and aspirations, not someone else’s milestones.

I can wholeheartedly admit that the times when I lost my sense of purpose as an entrepreneur, was when I compared myself with my entrepreneur family and friends. And yes, it is so much easier to dislike your competitor if they seem to be thriving. Standing on the sideline, I know how incredibly easy it is to say that you won’t compare yourself. But it happens in the blink of an eye.

Step 3: Balance Passion and Profitability

It can be challenging to align what inspires you with what is profitable. Entrepreneurship is about harmonizing these aspects. If your passion currently doesn’t yield profit, consider it your base camp. You can still venture towards profit-generating avenues while keeping your base camp intact.

Pursuing inspiration versus income can often feel like choosing the path less traveled. It’s essential to acknowledge that activities that ignite your passion may not always be lucrative at first. However, remember that summit views are not immediately visible from the trailhead. Patience and perseverance can lead to groundbreaking innovations that do indeed pay off. South African social entrepreneurs like Wayne Duvenage remind us that unconventional paths can lead to extraordinary destinations.

Step 4: Determine your legacy

In Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why,” leaders are advised to target the core of what makes their endeavor compelling to themselves and others. Extract this wisdom by identifying what drives you beyond monetary gain and how it resonates with the needs of your community or the world.

Just as you leave footprints on a trail, you also leave an impact on the world through your business. What kind of legacy do you wish to leave behind? Is it a beacon of excellence, a testament to creative solutions, or a community of support? Reflect on this as you would gaze upon the landscape at a vista point, thinking about what you want the world to remember you by when you are not with us anymore.

Step 5: Seek Examples and Mentors

South Africa is home to myriad entrepreneurs who have located their “Summit of Purpose.” Expedition Business aims to bring stories of our South African Entrepreneurs and how they managed to remain true to their passions. How they fight off the demons in the valleys continuously and what they do to reach their summits. Additionally, there are local heroes like Sizwe Nzima, who created Iyeza Health based on a personal connection to the healthcare system’s shortcomings.

By tracing these steps with the diligence of a Drakensberg explorer, you’ll not only discover your purpose, but you’ll chart a course that introduces others to the essence of your entrepreneurial calling. The significance of your business will flourish beyond earnings to become a source of inspiration, just as the majestic landscapes of South Africa stir the soul of those who walk their paths.

“It is not fun because it is fun”

And ultimately, you will be happy. You will find the unexplained energy to continue without stop. Setbacks will become just another adventure to manage. And yes, in the words of super adventurer and holder of the Drakensberg Grand Traverse FKT, Ryno Griesel: “It is not fun because it is fun. It is fun because you have decided it is fun!”

Your turn to empower

If you have found these words helpful in any way whatsoever, we would love to hear from you. If you have examples to add or wisdom to share, please get in contact with us. Or heck, if you want to invite us on your next adventure, we will clear our schedules. Ultimately, we would LOVE to hear from you.

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