Entrepreneur Spotlight on Rentia Human

Adding Shine to your Corporate Gifts and Clothing

There is a brand-new full-time dynamite face on the scene of corporate gifts and clothing and that face belongs to Rentia Human. Brand-new is however a very debatable term as Rentia is a well-known face in Alberton and she has been running events and procuring corporate gifts and clothing forever.

Born from a legacy of serving

Corporate Gifts & Clothing in Alberton

I don’t think I have ever met a person as dedicated to serving as Rentia Human. My first encounter with Rentia was back in 2003 when Rentia had the task of organizing the moms at our local Children’s Church at NG Kerk Alberton-Suid. Overpowering you with her presence has never been her thing, but a complete focus on serving has always been part and parcel of my now trail buddy and partner in addShine Promotions.

Rentia has been an instrumental force in all three of my children’s development in their Youth Ministry days from the Voetplaatpark Outreach in 2013 to multiple Weesgerus Outreach Weeks right through to my youngest’s Confession of Faith in 2021.

But serving to the max did not end at NG Kerk Alberton-Suid. Rentia has been at the helm of Rotary Johannesburg Main Reef Club, co-founder at Jahwe Rapha Counselling Centre (now Holding Hands), and Run Director at Rietvlei Parkrun to name only a few.

Adding all the Strengths to the Promotions Table

As a Certified Level 2 Specialist Clifton Strengths Coach, Rentia Human is literally bringing all the possible strengths to the addShine Promotions table. Individual clients and companies alike will have access to Rentia’s phenomenal Strengths Coaching services, while our team down the line will have all the sales and production development opportunities that they could dream of.

addVentures Club Entrepreneur Development

When it comes to copious amounts of passion for entrepreneurship, there is no end to Rentia’s reserves. She has been an avid supporter of the addVentures Club activities during 2023 with multiple features at our PowerHour and Grow Hour events, showing that if there is one entrepreneur committed to her development, it is our own born and bred Rentia Human.

We are often conflicted with whether or not all the hours of giving back to the entrepreneur community is worth its while, but seeing Rentia flourish as an entrepreneur definitely makes it worth our while and for that everyone at addVentures Business Club is extremely grateful.

New Business Adventures to Summit

The future looks bright with Rentia Human in it. Whether it is building brands for all our addShine Promotions clients or summiting new peaks on the trails of South Africa, I know the future looks very bright with my passionate, enthusiastic, and energetic partner Rentia Human.

If your brand needs some shining up to do, I suggest contacting Rentia Human right now at www.addshine.africa. If you want to build out your business through the involvement at addVentures Business Club, we urge you to sign up for our newsletter right now or sign up as a Member.

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