How to conquer year-end business stress for entrepreneurs

End-of-year business burnout is a reality that most entrepreneurs face at some point in time. Yes, you might be feeling on top of the world for the simple reason that the Springboks brought home the Webb Ellis Rugby World Cup Trophy for a record-breaking fourth time. Unfortunately, I know from experience that any feeling of elation can evaporate faster than a six-pack of beer between first-year students. Acknowledging that you are human after all is the first step to tackling the last two months of the year head-on like Pieter-Steph du Toit.

The Many Faces Of Year-End Burnout For Entrepreneurs

Emotional and mental challenges that entrepreneurs face come in many shapes and sizes. I love the term Start-up Struggles. That feeling of being tangled up like spaghetti between all the different choices you have to make. It can become so overwhelming that it just becomes overbearing and you feel like throwing the pot in the dustbin and just having popcorn for dinner.

Founder Fatigue sounds like it is just reserved for high-end founders but can grab the most basic entrepreneur who is just planning to start a business. How are you going to make all your expenses for the month if all your prospects have a freeze on new business ideas this time of year? The weariness and stress that founders and entrepreneurs may encounter as they navigate the ups and downs of running a business at any time of the year, but more profoundly at the very end of the year can become unbearable.

Small Business Blues sounds a lot less stressful, but this informal term can get the better of you if you do not manage it well. Those typical emotional lows that entrepreneurs may experience while managing their small businesses.

Business Burnout is a lot more complicated. I have been there before and know that it can kill your spirit as easily as boiling a frog alive. The physical and emotional exhaustion that entrepreneurs can experience due to the demands of their businesses, coupled with everything else life throws at you in between. This is definitely a state that needs help from outside sources. A business coach who is worth her salt can definitely bring the flavor back into your life, but you might want to call in the help of a psychologist.

Conventional Steps To Conquer End-Of-Year Entrepreneur Burnout

Listen to Expedition Business’s Episodes: Expedition Business aims to share the highs and lows of inspirational South African entrepreneurs and how they manage to keep the flame of business adventure burning. It’s all about how they experience and overcome their business challenges and ultimately achieve their goals. These stories can serve as a source of inspiration and show what is possible in your entrepreneurial adventures.

Attend Local Entrepreneurial Events: addVenture Business Club provides networking events and workshops, where you can rub shoulders with fellow entrepreneurs. Networking with fellow entrepreneurs can also be highly motivating.

Read Inspiring Books and Articles: I have just reread Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. The amount of runs that this man had to do to get over his stresses and strains is just insane! There are plenty more books, blogs, and articles written by successful entrepreneurs. Look for South African entrepreneurs who have written about their journeys and lessons learned.

Join Online Entrepreneurial Communities: Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook groups, and online forums often have active communities of entrepreneurs sharing experiences and advice. Engaging in these communities can provide a wealth of inspiration and support.

Set Clear Goals: There is nothing like having clearly defined goals to get over your rut. addVenture Business Club has, amongst others, a very practical Focus Sheet/GROW template to reflect on your weekly goal setting. You can download a copy here. Also, reflect on your past year’s achievements and challenges and use this as a basis to set clear and ambitious goals for the upcoming year. Having a well-defined vision and objectives can provide motivation.

Find a Mentor: Consider finding a mentor who can provide guidance and support. A mentor who has experience in entrepreneurship in South Africa can offer valuable insights and encouragement. addVenture provides a couple of options from one-on-one coaching to group coaching, depending on your time and budget.

Exercise & Health: Entrepreneurship can be demanding, so it’s essential to take care of your physical and mental health. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and adequate rest can help you stay inspired and maintain your productivity. My personal favorite Apps include Strava and MyFitnessPal. Joining your local gym could be the best gift you can give yourself.

Celebrate Achievements: It is super easy to forget where you have come from. I was taught by my Mindful Runner coach that if you get tired, stop, turn around, and see where you have come from before you continue with your quest up the hill. Acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small they may seem. Recognizing your progress can boost your motivation and inspire you to aim higher.

More steps to follow include reflecting on your why, embracing failure, and continuing to learn.

Keep On Moving Forward

Mark Collins shared in his Expedition Business podcast interview that the ultimate strategy for success is to keep on moving forward.  Even if you find yourself in a hole, you have to force yourself to get out of it and keep on moving forward.  Nothing that is worthwhile comes easy.  

On a completely personal note, there is nothing as powerful as remembering where my ultimate strength comes from. Pop over to our post on Biblical Inspiration to conquer year-end business burnout.

It is time to go and make that coffee, smile, and continue your journey of business adventure!

And remember, we are just around the corner if you need help. xxx

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