Strive to Bounce Back of Note

He was on the brink of bankruptcy, fighting the government of Zimbabwe for years to give him the opportunity to battle the state telecom monopoly.

A man who had a few years earlier founded his own engineering firm, not backed by venture capitalists, but rather by saving $75 monthly from his salary.

And even after winning the court case and revolutionizing telecoms and finance in a country where revolution usually means something else, he was persecuted and forced to leave.

Leaving and starting the company Liquid Intelligent Technologies which would become the largest satellite and fiber business in Africa.

He is the founder of Econet, a Zimbabwean Billionaire (not in Zim dollars), and proof that falling down only makes you want to jump higher next time.

He is the Zim bounceback king. He is Strive Masiyiwa.

We salute you!

Happy Independence Day to our brothers from the North.

#BouncebackTuesday #sustainableentrepreneurship #changebusinessforgood

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