Byt vas Boet! Things could be much worse.

So, the news is out and Stage 8 load-shedding seems to be a thing now, even though the authorities call it Stage 6? Being bombarded with this information on a Monday morning after a much-needed news-detox, a normal blue Monday has now become even more grim. Walking down my street and seeing solar on most of my neighbor’s roofs albeit with the deafening sounds of generators in the background, you get the strange inkling that you might be losing your marbles.  But as an aspiring active citizen, I feel like we can get over this too. This reminds me of Japie Mulder’s interview on our YouTube channel.  After being asked what he thinks of the future of South Africa and why he isn’t moving, Japie believes we just need to “byt vas” and we will get through this. Reading a friend who has immigrated to Isle of Man’s note earlier today does make me feel a whole lot better: “5 Months here. It’s up and down as one should expect. Winter is brutal and long and sometimes depressing. Yesterday was fantastic with sunshine (well only 10°C) and today is extremely crap (grey and raining and cold). This afternoon I have to iron. I miss my maid!  Also, my feet hurt because I walk everywhere. I don’t have a car. My circle is small. Everything is expensive. My son misses me and I want to let him visit, but it’s crazy expensive.”  How is this for depressing! Let us hold firm in the darkness. Support when some of us fall. Byt vas Boet! Things could be much worse. We could be sitting stuck on Isle of Man!
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