Mr. Bounce Back Award goes to Howard Schultz

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While understandably in the mood for coffee, while pondering on what is a great entrepreneurial #bounceback story, the idea struck me.

About a man who did not need to re-invent a company once, not twice but is currently in the process to do it a third time.

That man is Howard Schultz, Founder and Current Interim CEO of Starbucks.

A man who bought out a small coffee chain way back in 1987. The chain originally sold coffee, tea, and spices and he turned it into a coffee chain that mimicked the feeling of Milan Coffee Culture.

In 2000 he got to step down, put up his boots, and enjoy life. The only problem was that Starbucks expanded exponentially to 15 000 locations by 2008. Quickly the quality of service got so bad that for the first time in decades, sales per store went negative and the company was on the edge of collapse.

So, they called Howard back. With a company teetering on the brink of insolvency, he closed all stores in the world for 4 hours to retrain employees on how to use the equipment.

They stopped thinking in terms of stores and countries and rather in terms of the smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning, baked goods that fill you with warmth, and a smile from employees to make your day.

By 2012 Starbucks was back on track and better than ever.

Then in 2017, Howard got to step down, put up his boots, and enjoy life (again)….only there was a problem and in 2022 Mr. BounceBack came back as interim CEO again!

Whatever business you are in, nothing ever grows in a straight line, when you are down you are not out. When the customer has the best possible experience, you can give there is always a way.

How will you approach your customer experience to BounceBack today?

Enjoy your,


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