Humility as a Framework to Kick Ass

“No man can learn that which he already knows”-Epictetus

Pride, ego, and pure doggedness (the bad kind).

Entrepreneurs, especially those who have been operating for a while or alternatively, those who are still quite green are guilty of this kind of behavior. These are sometimes the most difficult of vices to overcome. When your lived experience combined with a deep passion, overtakes you and you feel like you have a monopoly on the “Midas touch”.

That is exactly the moment when danger is most present.

When you stop learning, when you feel like you are too good for clients…and end up losing them.

All you end up with is atrophy and a sense that you have been wronged by this world beneath you.

Yet you forget…

Muscle growth happens when you break down individual fibers and the processes of recovery result in growth.

The same applies to your mind and business when you break down your own infallibility.

Take a moment to breathe(swoosh).

Laugh at yourself and move forward >>>>>

That is growth.

That’s how you kick ass!

So, my suggestion for today:

My wacky notion.

Let’s make “Ego the enemy” like Ryan Holiday.

And implement some radical humility.

P.S.: But please take this with a pinch of salt.

I’m not infallible, and as such even I could be wrong.

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