Nomu moments in a lukewarm bath

While sitting in a lukewarm bath in the dark (no electricity no geyser), positivity, fun, or that intoxicating sense of opportunity does not easily come to mind.

But in the darkness, I had enough warm water in the kettle to make myself a cup of Nomu Hot Chocolate. Hot chocolate that I had bought post our bi-weekly addVENTURES PowerHour because I had felt deeply inspired after talking to their founder, Paul Raphaely, during this online event.

That hot chocolate saved me, and it is the reason why my Friday is Fun.

In the midst of dreariness, darkness, and general feelings of inertia, there are people like Paul and companies like NOMU that break the trend. People and companies who care deeply about what they do, while exuding the feeling that they are having an absolute blast doing it.

Just knowing that having good energy is a choice that only a few brave souls take, is what I drank in that cup of hot chocolate last night.

So today, get out of your figurative lukewarm bathwater and celebrate the renegades we call entrepreneurs. Those people who inspire us to have a “NOMU moment”

When the darkness of load-shedding overwhelms most, it is those inspired few we call entrepreneurs that dance in the moonlight.

I hope this is fun enough for a Friday.

P.S.: Don’t forget to be awesome.

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