Are you in love with yourself? Maybe you should be.

Are you in love with yourself? Maybe you should abondon everything you were taught about self-love.

Valentine’s Day: To kill or not to kill

I was brought up that it is completely wrong to be ecocentric. To be self-centered and self-obsessed is supposed to be a really bad trademark. But then again, never believing in yourself and how flippen awesome you are, is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Or at least in my books.

I-love-myself-and-that-is-awesome Day

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? A lot of people believe it is just a money-making racket and should be avoided at all costs. And to add to the drama, I was reminded today that the celebration of Valentine’s Day originated from the fact that Saint Valentine was beaten to death and then beheaded due to the act of marrying couples in secret. Maybe we should just skip Valentine’s Day for couples altogether and have an I-love-myself-and-that-is-awesome Day.

Sound stupid? I don’t think so. We were brought up that you should not be self-indulgent. That you should always put others first before yourself. I believe that we have it all screwed up and that is the reason we do not do enough for ourselves.

Our Valentine’s Offer to you

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So I proposed that instead of contemplating whether spending money on someone else is a waste of time or not, just spend the money on yourself. It could be chocolate, it could be a brand-new suit. Personally, I am into self-development, so a book is always welcome. And then there is the option of joining Ffounders (which happens to be on a 50% discount for Valentine’s Month). I promise you that this will have a massive impact on yourself and your business.

Want to know more?

Please pop me an email at or leave a message below.

My Valentine’s Month would be absolutely perfect if I could find out more about you, your business, and how we can become partners in your development.

You are awesome and I believe the world should know this.

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