Have you lost your sense of business adventure?

Most entrepreneurs start their business journey with a spirit of adventure. Lots of passion, energy & drive. And then life happens. It could be next week, next year, or if you are part of the ultra-mortal bunch, it could be tomorrow. Can you still remember what your business adventure is?

Did it change from a must to a should and is now sitting at a maybe?


Our adventure is often stolen by all the complexities of business, way too much information, fear, stress, sleep deprivation, and an unhealthy lifestyle until your health takes a tumble and you feel like bailing out. Whether you are brave enough to admit that you are not perfect or not, this happens to all of us at some point in time.

We are human after all. We all get our slumps. We all have fears. We all feel overwhelmed at some point or another. We all struggle with the complexities of life and at some point or another, we all neglect our health.


1. Innovation

Adventure in business helps us to turbo-charge innovation. If a failure to adapt was the dinosaur’s Achilles heel, then the dinosaur is not alone in the history of evolution. In his landmark 1859 book, The Origin of Species, Charles Darwin showed that those species that adapt best to their changing environment have the best chance of surviving, while those who do not adapt do not make it.

2. Spot Uncommon Connections

Adventure in business helps to spot uncommon connections, helping you to find that ever-elusive unique selling proposition.

3. Commitment

If you are not moving forward your plane is falling. It has been said that only those who are already dead would not mind falling from the sky!

Adventure in business keeps your team motivated, inspired, and committed.

4. Legacy

It is part of the human psyche to want to leave a legacy. To matter to our family, our community, and the world outside of our circle. What legacy will we leave if we do everything the same as everyone before us have done? What will people remember about us if we merely copy-cat?

5. Energy

Success breeds success. There is no getting away from it. There is nothing like the feeling of being part of an adventure and completing that adventure to give us the energy and propel us in overdrive.


We are as unique as our fingerprints and our idea of what a business adventure looks like is just as unique. For some, it could be writing a best-selling book. For someone else, it could be seeing your face on a skyscraper billboard. Someone else might be building his dream off-the-grid one-of-a-kind-hotel in the middle of the bushveld and for someone else, it could be owning that coffee shop that you have always dreamt of.

What makes you so excited that you cannot wait to wake up in the morning to continue working on your business adventure?

What does your business adventure look like?


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