When is good enough not good enough anymore

How do you avoid Death-by-PowerPoint?

At what point should we step back and realize that there is a better option available out there? Or should we blissfully take the thought of ‘it’s good enough’ into oblivion? When it comes to presentations, people are quick to joke about death-by-PowerPoint. Who’s fault is it? PowerPoint or the one planning the presentation?

Why should you listen to presentation advice?

I have been assisting very clever people like yourself to fix up their presentations since the days of DOS. I do realize that you might not even know what DOS is, but that is a very very long time ago. Since 1993 to be exact. When Harvard Graphics was still a thing and PowerPoint did not exist yet.

The sad part is that the engineers and scientists and executives that I assisted back then realized that they needed help. Nowadays the trend is to just slam a couple of stuff that looks impressive onto the slides and think you are better than sliced bread.

Death by PowerPoint
Death by PowerPoint

The Number One Presentation Tip

I can hear you ask: “But what is wrong with the slide in the picture?” And I do not blame you for asking the question. After all, if you look at all the templates available on Google, this is an example of a really great slide.

Did you know that a white background strains the eye? Making it more difficult for your audience to focus on what you are saying? Ever heard of death-by-PowerPoint? This is the first step to a very unfortunate event.

Test the Eye-Strain Theory

If you do not believe me, do a test. Make one slide with a darkish background and light elements on top of it and then compare your white background slide with it. Whether the presentation is on screen in a webinar situation or in person, the results are the same.

And yes, one slide may not break your eye. Try looking at a zillion slides and you might realize where that unexpected headache comes from. Or why did your mind start to wonder?

To use or not to use

I don’t know about you, but if I know that a certain pen will make me write better and easier, why on earth would I want to continue writing with my cheapie? Or if I take part in a trail run event, why on earth would I still use road shoes if trail shoes will help me not to fall flat on my face?

Most presentations have massive consequences. Now and for the future. If I can control the little things with minimal effort, why would I want to stay stuck in “it’s good enough” mode?

Your next presentation could change the world

Join us for 7 Steps to Presentation Success if you are keen to find out more about what you can do to improve the slide in the example and your presentations in particular. If you are tired of trying to decipher on Google what is right and what is a waste of your energy. Not the long-winded academic same-old-same-old stuff. The quick-and-easy let’s get it fixed fast stuff.

After all, life is short and we don’t know when will our next presentation change the world.

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